In this project, I try to find the possibilities and limits of individualism in a modern society in which only collective representation practices are publicly supported.
The sandbox is the place of the first socialisation, but at the same time the place of the first social confrontation.Everyone encounters other models of the world of other families for the first time in their life in the sandbox, this is the place where the first conflicts of worldviews unfold in society.Families fight in the sandbox where the family social collides with another family social.
In post-Soviet society, the individual was first elevated to the highest value, but soon began to cause more and more suspicions and censures. I observe today the constant need to belong to some group or society of interest or belief. Society still gravitates towards collectivism, but already on new grounds, the boundaries of the individual are again erased and questioned.The temptation to equalise, to dissolve in the mass is too great - this is what unites both the right and the left, only the views differ on why and how individuality should be eradicated.Ideology as a kind of antipode of individuality is updated again, and the friend-or-foe paradigm leaves no room for individuality.
This project is about trying to find this thin, disappearing line, about the confrontation between the value of individuality and the strength of the collective.This is a protest and an ode at the same time.This is an attempt to defend the right to be the way I want, regardless of acceptance by society.