Pavlo Borshchenko is Ukrainian contemporary artist and photographer. Born in 1988 in the provincial city Sumy, situated in North-Eastern Ukraine. Works with the theme of the Soviet heritage and its impact on post-Soviet society using the photography medium. Currently based in Warsaw, Poland.

2015 – Graduated at Viktor Maruschenko’s Photo School. Kyiv, Ukraine2015 – Graduated at Bird In Flight Magazin's School. Kyiv, Ukraine2016 – 2017 – Odessa Photo Days, 5.6 Club2018 – Graduated from Image Threads Collective photo book course


2023 – "Sumy: Sorrow of my days" in the scope of the Glaz Festival 2023, Rennes, France.2022 – Personal exhibition project "Interior Landscape" in the scope of Parcours d'été (Summer journey ofContemporary Art). Herbeumont, Belgium

2023 – Online exhibition "Where do we go from here?"2023 – THE MUSES ARE NOT SILENT, Ukraine House in Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark2022 – NEW EYES in scope of IMAGENATION PARIS 2022. Paris, France2022 – Going East, Photon Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia2022 – Going East: Eine visuelle Reise durch das neue Osteuropa, Photon Gallery. Vienna, Austria2022 – Sensing Places / Placing Senses by ÓSTOV COLLECTIVE, ODP Galerie. Leipzig, Germany2022 – Photo Open Up Festival 2022, Special Mention section for 'Catch the Hero' series, Cattedrale Ex Macello. Pádua, Italy2022 – Ranok by soclecollectif. Montpellier, France2022 – Музи не мовчать by YaGallery, The Center for Architecture, Design and Urban Planning "PowderTower". Lviv, Ukraine2022 – INFORMATION by art.space.kolo at HALLE 14 - Art Gallery / Centre for Contemporary Art. Leipzig, Germany2021 – Ким я є? / Who am I?, National Centre "Ukrainian House". Kyiv, Ukraine2019 – Somewheres & Anywheres, EEP Berlin Gallery. Berlin, Germany2019 – Підсумок / Result, Bursa Hotel. Kyiv, Ukraine2017 – FetishX0, Akt art space. Kyiv, Ukraine



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